Mainzer Geographische Studien, Heft 24:

Gormsen, Erdmann und Robert H.T. Smith (eds.): Market-Place Exchange: Empirical and Theoretical Studies. Papers Presented at the Meeting of the International Geographical Union Working Group on Market-Place Exchange Systems in Nagoya, Japan 1980

T. CRUMP: Market News and Perfect Competition in Third-World Markets
A. BOCHBERG; E: GORMSEN: Sunday Markets in England
K. HAYASHI: Historical Changes of Market-Places in Traditional China: Xu and Shi in Guangdong Province during the Ming and Quing periods
H. ISHIHARA: Markets in East Central China during the Ming, Ch’ing, and Min-Kuo Periods
S. PARK: Market-Place Periodicity and Spatial Behaviour of Merchants
I. A. ADALEMO: Traditional Market Systems and National Development: Market-Places as Potential Development Centres
J. A. GANA: Spatial Characteristics of Consumer Behaviour and the Organization of Markets in Kaduna State, Nigeria
P. LINDSKOG: Changes in Spatio-Temporal Integration of Periodic Market-Places – A Case Study of Malawi
W. McKIM: A Daily Market-Place Exchange System in Rural Tanzania
CH. NORDIN: Food Supply and the Role of Periodic Market-Places in two Bassa Districts, Southern Cameroun
J. F. TROIN: Les Souks Marocains: Evolution 1970-1980
H. ISHIHARA: Traditional Markets and Underground Shopping Streets in the Nagoya Metropolitan Area