International Conference – New Orleans in Medial Imaginations

The focus of the international and interdisciplinary conference is the question of medial imagery of New Orleans. For this purpose, researchers from different disciplines and contexts (eg film studies, cultural studies, media studies, geography, architecture etc.), who deal in different ways with research on New Orleans, will come together to discuss this topic.

Historical and contemporary imaginations of New Orleans will be explored from different medial perspectives and medial imaginations (for example literary, cinematic, and discursive). We would like to concentrate on interdependent interrelationships and differences between these medial imaginations as well as the interactions of the life of the city with media forms (film, tv shows, literature, music) and the impact of media on the city (film productions and on-location shootings).

Presentations will also include a media-related perspective on different topics associated to the city of New Orleans - such as its colonial, cross-cultural, and multilingual heritage, jazz music, creolization, architecture, Hurricane Katrina, Hollywood South.

The conference will be held from 1st to 3rd February in Mainz. For further information please see below or contact Elisabeth Sommerlad.