Mainzer Geographische Studien, Heft 17:

Smith, R.H.T. and E. Gormsen (eds.): Market-Place Exchange: Spatial Analysis and Policy. Papers presented at the Meeting of the International Geographical Union Working Group on Market-Place Exchange Systems in Zaria, Nigeria.

F. IBRAHIM: Craftsmen in the Periodic Suqs of Tunisia
I. HEERMANN: The Development of the Markets Among the Bulsa – Traditional Values and new Incentives
J. A. GANA: Markets and Marketing in Nupeland, Nigeria
J. A. GANA: Market Exchange Systems and Rural Development in Nigeria: Selected Case Studies
P.A. LINDSKOG: The Periodic Market-Place Exchange System in Malawi
A. GHOSH and M. L. McNULTY: Locational Analysis and Spatial Planning of Marketing Systems in Developing Countries
I. A. ADALEMO: Market Centres and Retail Distribution in the Lagos Metropolitan Area
C. G. GORE: Periodic Markets and Pricing Efficiency: The Case of Adawso Market and the "Otwetiri Eleven"
M. von OPPEN: The Effects of Inter-Regional Trade and Market Infrastructure on Aggregate Productivity of Agriculture
B. HARRISS: Going Against the Grain: The Interrelationships Between Interventionist Policy, Private Grain Marketing Systems and Grain Production in the Semi-Arid Tropics of West Africa