Media Geography at Mainz

Series Editors: Anton Escher / Chris Lukinbeal / Stefan Zimmermann
Managing Editor: Christina Kerz

In this new series we show how media geography is an expanding field of study and that it moves past re-presentational praxis. Our focus is on the interdependent nature of film, self, and society: We probe the relation between visuality and the production of geographical knowledge and investigate how visualities create and institute scopic regimes. By examining cinema's form, content and affect, we also move beyond representation and transcend fixed scales of inquiry. Thus we open dialogues that challenge naturalized scopic regimes, ideologies, myths and truth and thereby contribute to an important discussion within geography. 

Volume 4

Comic Book Geographies
Volume Editor: Jason Dittmer

Volume 3

The Fight to Stay Put: Social Lessons through Media Imaginings of Urban Transformation and Change
Volume Editors: Giorgio Hadi Curti / Jim Craine / Stuart C. Aitken

Volume 2

Place, Television, and the Real Orange County
Authors: Ann Fletchall / Chris Lukinbeal / Kevin McHugh

Volume 1

The Geography of Cinema - A Cinematic World
Volume Editors: Giorgio Hadi Curti / Jim Craine / Stuart C. Aitken


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